Brand Integration Agreement

The usual advertising means are so saturated and predictable that brands have had to switch to a different and integrated content medium to advertise for themselves and for their product. When we talk about the usual advertising media, consumers can now charge ads for the rest of the content and ads receive less attention, retention and benefits than the price paid by brands. The days of simple sponsorship and approval contracts are long gone. The marketing playground is now demanding, dynamic, multichannel and 24/7; Today`s next generation brand agreements must be. Fire integration can be used to achieve a company`s long-term and short-term goals. While product placement increases the sale of the product, brand integration contributes to the increase in brand value. Many of our customers are well-known names, from international fast food and apparel companies to global telecommunications and automotive manufacturers. For these and many other brands, we offer enterprise-oriented advice, intellectual property and experienced deal representation to structure innovative partnerships that meet brand and business objectives. Our multidisciplinary team is uniquely skilled at helping customers manage the convergence of brand marketing and technology through digital and social channels. To learn more about how our lawyers` advice can advance an advertiser`s or media producer`s targets in brand integration and product placement campaigns, contact Brian J. Murphy, Attorney and Counselor at Law in Los Angeles. Call 310-473-3500 to agree on your advice.

We all had to attend a form of branded entertainment, where the storyline of a TV show or movie, while entertaining, revolves around a certain brand. Do you remember that White Castle was an integral part of the film Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle? Our advice in media-driven brand integration campaigns goes beyond unique product placements. We work closely with customers and their advertising agencies to find the best conditions for the presentation of their products and services in movies, television, internet, video games and other new media in a way that largely complements a particular product or service. The financial investments associated with implementing a brand integration strategy may be enormous, as many influencers and strategists may be involved in the production process. But this investment can do wonders for the brand, as we saw in the case of Dell, when it made What Lives Inside, which generated more than 6 million commitments. Recognized nationally in advertising and entertainment law, Loeb has unparalleled experience in facilitating licensing programs with major content providers in the music, film and television industry for use in all kinds of advertising campaigns and promotions. In addition, we help our customers use the brand link through consumer-oriented activations, in-store experiences and other retail marketing programs. Brand integration enables a brand to reach consumers by integrating the brand into the entertainment multimedia content consumed by users as entertainment.

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