Storage Unit Lease Agreement Wisconsin

For those who own and operate self-service storage facilities and units, I hope that the new rent increase, the preference announcement #1 and notification of late payments #2 will help you comply with existing laws. 704.90 (5m) (5m) Elimination of some land. If the fair value of the personal property stored on the tenant`s rental premises is less than 100 USD, an operator can: 704.90 (4g) (4g) of late payment or default after the end of the transaction. A tenant who delays or does not pay the rent for the storage of abandoned personal property after the termination of the tenancy agreement is subject to the procedures and recourse in the subs. (4r) to (9) and (12). The laws regarding self-service storage units were significantly amended by 2009 Wisconsin Act 380 (2009 Assembly Bill 707), which is why I decided to design the new lease and standard form declaration. Nine years. The old law allowed “any person” to sue for a breach of self-service storage laws – which led to a well-known 2008 complaint, Cook v. Public Storage Inc., in which the owner/operator was sued by the parents of a tenant who was, by chance, able to keep some of his property in the tenant`s self-service storage units. The new law only allows the “tenant” (tenant) to bring such a lawsuit.

2. The new law requires that, where a self-service lease contains a provision that limits the value of the stored property, the clause must be printed in bold or emphasized in the same size as the rest of the agreement. It is assumed that the limit specified in an agreement is the maximum value of the property registered in the unit. 704.90 (3) Link and termination in the lease. 704.90 (4r) (b) b) at the end, at the expiry of a tenancy agreement or in some other way, for the use of a rental area by a tenant; An operator may remove the remaining personal property from the rental room and keep the personal property in another location or inside or outside the self-service storage facility or transfer self-service storage to another location, or the operator may keep the personal property in the rental room and the operator may refuse access to the former tenant`s personal property until the tenant terminates the personal property in paragraph 5, point a). The operator may charge a reasonable rent for the storage of the personal property, either in another location or in the rental space. A former tenant who does not pay the rent is subject to all the procedures and remedies set out in this late payment section. 704.90 (6) (a)8.

8. The sale takes place in the self-service warehouse, in the self-service storage unit or at the nearest appropriate location to the place where the personal property is stored. 704.90 (3) (c) c) If the lease contains a limit on the value of the property stored in the tenant`s warehouse, the limit is considered to be the maximum value of the property stored in that space. 8. The new law allows the owner or operator of self-service accommodation to do the following things with the property if they do not want to sell the property, if the value of the property is less than $100 and a correct notification is available: (a) donate to a non-profit organization; b) throw it into a fixed waste management centre, (c) recyceln, (d) remove it in a reasonable manner. 704.90 (g) (g) “self-service storage facility”: “self-service storage facility,” a property containing rental space, but not a warehouse or other facility, when the warehouse or facility operator issues a storage proof, console invoice or other title to personal property that is stored in the rented premises.

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