Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise License Agreement

You can use a mix of Windows device CALs and Windows user CALs at the same time as server software. It`s a case. You create a software “instance” by running the software configuration or installation procedure. You also create a software instance by dusting an existing instance. References to software in this agreement include the “instances” of the software. If you comply with these licensing conditions, you have the following rights. You may not use the Software to support additional software or functionality, with the exception of similar utilities or software used exclusively for the management, performance improvement and/or preventative maintenance of this server. Windows Time Service. Once a week, this service synchronises the time with so that your computer is always at the exact time. You can disable this feature or choose your preferred time in the Set Panel Date and Time applet. The connection use a NTP-Standard protocol. Has.

Secondary start copy. If a secondary start copy of the server software is installed on the server, you can only access, launch, display and run it in the event of an error, failure or deterioration of the server software`s primary operating copy, and only until the main operating copy is repaired or reinstalled. They are not allowed to start and use the primary operating copy and secondary start copy of the server software simultaneously. (3) Administration. You don`t need CALs for up to two devices or users to access your server software instances only to manage those instances. i. Windows Server 2008 Customer Access License (“Windows CAL”) requirements. (1) Windows Server 2008-Terminal-Service CALs. You must purchase a 2008 Windows Server terminal service CAL for each user or device that directly or indirectly accesses the server software to host a graphical interface (with the Windows Server 2008 terminal service feature or any other technology). You can create and store instances of server software and additional software only to exercise your right to run instances of the server software under one of your software licenses described above (for example. B you cannot distribute a instance to third parties). Authentication services (when user information or application notification is exchanged between the server software and a user or device) may be available for use of this software.

These premium services can be provided under additional licensing conditions. Additional access licensing fees may be incurred when you install and use these premium services. The number of server software you run These licensing conditions include five CALs, unless more CALs are listed on the server software`s certificate of authenticity. Select the number of user AND CAL CALs (no more than five or as many) and write them in the spaces listed below. No CALs are valid until these spaces are closed. You are not allowed to change them after graduation. i. Access Client Access 2008 (“CAL Windows” Licensing Conditions. The software on this device contains software that has been licensed by Microsoft Corporation or its related company. You can use Windows CALs with the server software in either “Pro or per user device” or “Pro Server” mode. Get reminders to get a copy of the software duly licensed, Cisco has developed this server for specific use. You can only use the software for this use.

for this software, unless other conditions accompany these elements. If so, these conditions apply. If you receive updates or supplements directly from Microsoft, Microsoft, not Cisco, license you.

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