Capital Introduction Agreement

Below, our approval takes into account each other`s promises or actions. This agreement will be made available to __DATE__, __NAME__ of __COMPANY__, I have made directly or indirectly available to you a list of “capitalist ventures” and/or provided it to you in exchange for your consent to pay compensation or a research fee for this introductory service, if an investment results directly or indirectly as a result of this service. We agree as follows: consultants will not negotiate on behalf of the client or investor. In addition, the consultant will not provide the client or investor with information that can be used as a basis for such negotiations. The advisor assumes no responsibility for the terms or conditions of an agreement between the client and an investor, including how or how to close the transaction. Morgan Stanley Prime Brokerage reports that the concept of introducing capital was introduced in 1997 to connect clients to target investors. [2] Since hedge funds are not regulated by the SEC,[3] Capital introductory teams are effectively excluded from the “marketing” of a fund and instead strive to “set up” institutional investors (foundations, foundations, funds of funds, pension funds, family offices and private banks) who have expressed interest in the alternative fund strategy. Capital introductory teams are traditionally discouraged from cooperating with investors on a particular fund after their introduction, with the exception of receiving feedback, as this could be interpreted as marketing. The introduction of capital is a service offered by most large brokerage firms as part of the prime-brokerage package accessed by hedge funds that choose a top-notch company. The introduction of capital is a form of “quasi-marketing” in which clients are presented to investors without violating SEC rules on fund marketing. [1] 1. Exchange-traded venture capitalists. Publicly traded venture capitalists, the venture capitalists I will officially show you and your organization.

These venture capitalists are defined as any venture capitalist made available to its partners, co-investors, co-investors, angelic investors or another entity through a venture capitalist who invests with you in your projects and/or your business. Venture capitalists are subject to the provisions of this agreement and are included in this agreement, as if they were included in it. In addition, the compensation you have agreed to pay me is to pay in the event that a venture-capitalist invests because of my introduction in your projects and/or your business with you. Below is our agreement, taking into account each other`s commitments or actions with respect to this De Finder royalty agreement. Consultant has introduced potential investors to the client in return for the client`s agreement to pay a advisory (or appointment) allowance for these introductory services and/or will he present to potential investors when an investment is made. The parties therefore agree on this point: Capital Introduction teams are working with the two new launches in search of seeds, anchor or “day one” capital, in addition to established customers who are already large and who can either launch a new product on the market or seek to increase the size of their current fund.

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