Swimming Pool Service Agreement

3. It offers protection: We have seen how important it is to define the scope of your responsibilities, but what about your clients` responsibilities? Here, you need to fully break down your expectations of customers. These include tasks to be performed between visits, such as maintaining an adequate water level. B the maintenance of a clean work area around the pool and equipment, as well as the emptying of scratches. Also describe how they should prepare for your call, for example. B the retention or installation of pets and the opening of doors. 2. It standardizes your service. It is important to determine from the beginning what is contained in your service and, just as importantly – what is not included. Without a complete and well-written contract, you may be tempted to adapt to any whim of the customer, to adapt your service to each customer or to make unnecessary concessions. All of this is holding back profits and growth. Thank you for choosing [Sender.Company] as your pool maintenance provider. The purpose of this document is to establish a formal pool maintenance contract.

The contract describes the services you receive, the payments for which you are responsible and the terms of use to which it and [Sender.Company] apply as long as that contract is in effect. We have a technician at your property based on the service interval you have chosen. Our goal is to perform maintenance on the same day of the week at each interval to ensure consistency, but additional days of service may be required depending on availability. We will notify you by phone and email 24 hours before each planned pool maintenance service. It is your responsibility to ensure that our technician has full access to your pool and that he pumps out scheduled service appointments. If our technician arrives and is unable to provide a service due to a lack of access, you will be charged the [ReschedulingFee.Amount] rescheduling fee. Another way to put it: A good contract produces your service. If you sell your service as a product, you have set up a standard quote template that you can apply to all pools. This way, you can also apply add-on fees consistently when requests are outside your standard service.

4. It creates predictability. As we all know, cash flow is king. A good service contract can provide a long way to a reliable income. This is an opportunity to get the customer to commit to a standard price, a certain level of service and payment expectations. Be sure to precede the consequences of not maintaining the end of the agreement, such as fees for late payments and refunds. If a customer warns us within 24 hours that they are not fully satisfied with a service visit, my contract states that we will clean the pool within four days at no extra cost or credit their account for a missed service. 4. Rainy days and holidays: When it rains during a customer`s planned cleaning, my company can perform a “rain check-up” instead of normal service.

This means we will check the water and balance it, just empty the peeler and pump baskets. I don`t want my crew to risk their lives by putting sticks in the water in the middle of a lightning storm or spending more time outside than it takes during a rain. My service agreement provides, among other things, that I not be held responsible for damage caused by weather, turf services, construction work, organic stains, corrosion, corrosion, underground leaks or damage due to equipment failures or malfunctions.

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