Tug Boat Charter Agreement

According to Calbucci, what can be seen globally is the growth of container ships. “Increasingly larger ships have put Brazilian ports on their schedules. Having a fleet of powerful tugs to support these ships is a trend in Brazil and around the world,” he says. Do you know what aspects of these ships you need to consider before reaching an agreement? We spoke with Arnaldo Calbucci, Maritime Vice President of Wilson Sons, to find out what a charter professional needs to rethink to find the right smuggler for the successful operation of the shipping company. Look at this! Because there is no point in looking only at the safety of the charterer and the shipowner – it is equally important to hire suppliers to deal with the business. Before entering into a contract with a towing company, check the SMS requirements (Portuguese “safety, environment and health” are met by the supplier. You must be in agreement with your company. There is no “ideal tug” capable of meeting all the requirements of all vessels in each port. Each situation will represent unique aspects and not everyone will know a single charterer. “There could be a risky situation if tugs are hired without sufficient capacity or manoeuvrability because they may not be able to assist with the pilot and the mooring of the vessel,” Calbucci warns. As charter professionals, you know that tugs are nothing more than small vessels capable of operating much larger vessels. This is possible thanks to its high capacity and manoeuvrability.

Tugs are also required for rescue assistance in the event of a fire on board or for the resolution of refloats. Calbucci explains that in the case of port towing, the lease is usually done at the beginning of charter negotiations, but this is not necessarily the charterer`s responsibility, as the shipowner can also lease tugs. You will certainly realize that marine operations are very complex. Only in this article we mentioned chartering, customer knowledge of different ports and technical calculation of tug capacity. There are a lot of details and that`s why it`s interesting to have a company that dominates them all. Of course, safety is not only related to the provision of personal protective equipment (PPG) to workers, training or a risk management plan. We also have to adapt to the ports where the tug will work, because each of them has different characteristics to take into account, as we pointed out in our article on Paranagué. In that sense, you need to look carefully at the following point. You must insure a number of factors before hiring a tug for your operation.

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