Bigg Boss Tamil Agreement

Beyond the winners that the youngest Buzz says in the city of lamette, kamal Haasan is about to finish the connection with the hosting channel Bigg Boss Vijay TV. Haasan has also expressed interest in politics and it seems unlikely that he will extend the deal with the network for another season. His interest in another area makes fans believe that the show will be animated by a new face next season. The total amount of the offer was higher than paragraph 10 Lakhs. So that money would be taken out of the 50 Lakhs. The remaining amount is 39.66,667/-. Bigg Boss` competitors are now critical of the breach of contract, since it was not mentioned in their contracts. It was Vikas who indicated that the price was not mentioned in the contract. So the big boss candidates had started talking about the contract. Among great expectations, Bigg Boss Tamil 4 premiered on October 4. Their conversation became a heated argument when Anitha Suresh accused of defaming news readers, which he repeatedly denied.

Kamal started the show this Saturday with a summary of what happened in the house in the first week. He spoke about the past of the participants and their struggles which were inspiring. He also shared some carefree moments with them. He also said that the biggest problem in the house, the Suresh Anitha argument, was not necessary. Previously, Bigg Boss gave participants a “heartbreak” task, which asked them to put “heart” and “heart pain” symbols on two people they loved and two people they were not related to. Shivani Narayanan and Rekha received many symbols of pain. During the weekend episode, Kamal brought the task back to see if there was a change in opinion. Suresh Chakravarthy, Rekha and Shivani received the maximum heart pain. To everyone`s surprise, Kamal announced that they will fight for the main position this week. The roommates were asked to vote, and when Suresh Chakravarthy got the maximum votes, he became captain for a week. Kamal also grilled candidate Bala for his comment on a beauty pageant in which Sanam had participated and won the title.

He advised Bala not to take anyone`s victory lightly. It is known that Kamal takes advantage of the show to take a stand on different social and political topics.

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